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Setting up an action bar can be a little overwhelming for newcomers, so this section is dedicated to helping you get started. But to be honest, if you have enough RS Gold, this does not matter. Abilities vary based on the type of combat and whether a two-handed or dual-wield weapon setup is used.

A third option is to use a shield, but in most cases a shield is inferior to using both slots for a weapon. The table below shows sample ability bars for each of the three types of combat and styles (dual wield and 2H). To add these abilities to your action bar, do the following:

Open the Powers Powers interface by clicking on it.
Observe there are several categories: Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Defensive.
To find a particular ability (see the sample ability bars below), first note the TYPE in parentheses around the text on hover over. This can be Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic, Defence, or Constitution.

Click the appropriate tab in the Powers interface:
Melee for Attack/Strength;
Ranged for Ranged;
Magic for Magic;
Defensive for Defence/Constitution.

To flip between Attack/Strength or Defence/Constitution abilities, click the tiny icons Attackstrengthicons just under the text “Melee Abilities” or “Defensive Abilities” respectively. A white border appears around the type currently selected.

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Match the picture of the ability to the picture in the list. If it’s not there, you may not have access to it. You can use the toggle option Toggle to show/hide abilities that are not accessible. Should a requirement to use an ability not be met, such as a skill level, it will show up in red Requirementnotmet in the popup menu when hovered over. Abilities unlocked via quests and other means will not be shown regardless of the toggle setting.

Drag it onto the desired spot in your action bar. Remember that there are multiple action bars, and you can cycle through them Abilitybarswitch as desired to set up different bars. Continue until you are satisfied with the bar.
You are now all set to use your ability bar! Right click any slot and choose ‘Customize-keybind [ability name]’ if you wish to change keyboard shortcuts for any of the specific ability slots.

These persist even if you replace them with other abilities or other actions, unless they are changed directly. Combat mode can also be changed by right-clicking the cog icon in the top-right corner – choose Revolution to automatically fire off basic abilities for you. This is a good idea for beginners or players trying Evolution of Combat for the first time, as it automates a substantial chunk of the work. Threshold and Ultimate abilities can still be triggered at any time, but must be done automatically.

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